Our Curriculum

The files below are your lessons and resources to supplement the Teens As Teachers experience.

Character Counts

Lesson 1 Intro to CC 6 Pillars Lesson Plan

Lesson 1 Pillars of Character Materials and Supplies

Lesson 1a_Polished Stones - Attachments

Polish Stones Six Pillars of Character PPt

Polished stones pillars of character at a glance

CC Lesson 2 Trustworthiness Lesson Plan

Lesson 2 PIllar Trustworthiness Materials

Lesson 2 Pillar Trustworthiness at a glance

Lesson 2a_Trustworthiness - Attachments

A Lesson 3_Respect - Lesson Plan All

B Lesson 3a_Respect - Attachments

How Can I Show Respect

Respect Scenarios

A Lesson 4 Responsibility Lesson Plan

B Lesson 4 Pillar Responsibility At A Glance

C Lesson 4 Pillar Responsibility - Materials

D Lesson 4a_Responsibility - Attachments

A Lesson #5 Fairness Lesson Plan

B Lesson #5 Fairness at a Glance

C Lesson #5 Fairness Materials and Supplies

D Lesson 5a_Fairness - Attachments

A Lesson 6 Pillar Caring Lesson plan

B Lesson 6 Pillar Caring At A Glance

C Lesson 6 Pillar Caring Materials and Supplies

D Lesson 6 Pillar Caring Attachments

A Lesson 7 Pillar Citizenship Lesson plan

B Lesson 7 Pillar Citizenship At a Glance

C Lesson 7 Pillar Citizenship Materials and Supplies

D Lesson 7a_Citizenship - Attachments


Healthy YOUth

A Lesson 1_MyPlate Lesson Plan

Coloring Sheet - My Plate

Go Slow Stop Circles

my plate outline



A HY Lesson Plan #2 Making Decision

B Lesson 2 At a Glance

C Lesson #2 Materials and Supplies

D Lesson 2 Decisions - All Attachments

A Lesson 3_Healthy Snacking - Lesson Plan





my plate outline

My Pledge - Healthy Snacking



Smart-Snacker snack chart

Stop light Review

A Lesson 4_Empathy -Lesson Plan

feelings emojis

grades 3 to 5teaching-tolerance-how-would-you-feel

grades K to 2 teaching-tolerance-how-would-you-feel

Take a Positive Step handout



A Lesson plan #5 Choose Your Mood

B Lesson 5 At a Glance Healthy Mind and Body

Bust A Mood

C Lesson #5 Materials and Supplies page

Feelings and Faces

I Will

Mood Charade Word Bank teacher resource

Under the Cone Activity

CAre For Me, Care For You

A Lesson 6 Care for Me Lesson Plan

B Lesson #6 Care For Me At A Glance

C Lesson #6 Care for Me Materials and Supplies

I can stop the spread

The Swiss Cheese Model Graphic