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Make A Difference in the life of a child
To successfully complete the Teens as Teacher experience and be eligible for a scholarship:

Teens as Teachers Timeline


  • Learn about Teens as Teachers
  • Visit with a potential adviser if known.
  • Register/Apply to be a Teen Teacher


  • Be accepted as a Teen Teacher
  • Attend Orientation and Training; Virtual or In‑Person
  • Complete Contract and Photo Components


  • Work with Adviser/Coach to identify potential partners
  • Develop presentation plan


  • Present lessons to elementary students
  • Complete portfolio items

March 31

  • Submit completed portfolio to SDYF


  • Portfolios Reviewed and Scholarships Awarded



Orientation is approximately 1 hour in length and conducted via webinar/zoom. Advisers/Coaches and Teen Teachers are required to attend. Multiple sessions are offered.

Training Summit

In-Person Training Summits are approximately 6 hours in length. Multiple locations are available. Virtual training may also be offered. Advisers/coaches and Teen Teachers are required to attend either an in-person or virtual training.
Training Agenda Includes:

  • Teens as Teachers Requirements and Expectation
  • Review of Portfolio Requirements
  • How to Work with Elementary Students and Classroom Management
  • Experiential Learning Model
  • Review of curriculums and lesson format
  • In-depth lesson presentation
  • Current Issue Focus Sessions

The Electronic Portfolio

The files below provide information on the requirements to complete the Teens As Teachers experience.

What is needed in my portfolio? (pdf)

Checklist Timeline (pdf)

SDYF-Photo-Release (pdf)

TT contract21 (pdf)

2021 TT Partnership Agreement (pdf)

Work Log 2021 (xlsx)

21 TT Reflection (pdf)